Cold War Documentary

1 Oct

Cold War Documentary Episode 1: Comrades (1917-1945)

Cold War is a twenty-four episode television documentary series about the Cold War that aired in 1998.It features interviews and footage of the events that shaped the tense relationships between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Playlist for whole episode:

Episode 1: Comrades (1917-1945)

Both the United States and the Soviet Union drifted apart after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Russian Civil War and the Paris Peace Conference. Diplomatic and extensive trading relationships were established under Roosevelt, but relations soured following the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States and eastern Poland. After Hitler broke the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact the Western powers worked closely with the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Distrust reemerged as Stalin’s plans for placing Eastern Europe in the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence became apparent towards the war’s end, and came to the fore at the Potsdam Conference, just before the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Interviewees include George F. Kennan, Zoya Zarubina, Hugh Lunghi and George Elsey. The pre-credits scene shows the US Congress nuclear bunker at The Greenbrier, and introduces the television series by explaining how for several decades the world was close to a nuclear holocaust.

Episode 2: Iron Curtain (1945–1947)

Episode 3: Marshall Plan (1947–1952)

Episode 4: Berlin (1948–1949)

Episode 5: Korea (1949–1953)

Episode 6: Reds (1948–1953)

Episode 7: After Stalin (1953–1956)

Episode 8: Sputnik (1949–1961)

Episode 9: The Wall (1958–1963)

Episode 10: Cuba (1959–1962)

Episode 11: Vietnam (1954–1968)

Episode 12: Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD-1960–1972)

Episode 13: Make Love Not War (1960s)

Episode 14: Red Spring (1960s)

Episode 15: China (1949–1972)

Episode 16: Détente (1969–1975)

Episode 17: Good Guys, Bad Guys (1967–1978)

Episode 18: Backyard (1954–1990)

Episode 19: Freeze (1977–1981)

Episode 20: Soldiers of God (1975–1988)

Episode 21: Spies (1944–1994)

Episode 22: Star Wars (1981–1988)

Episode 23: The Wall Comes Down (1989)

Episode 24: Conclusions (1989–1991)



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